You Only Live Once…

The season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom is always an intricate mix of encounters and partings. In the background are the coming of various changes, such as entrance to school, advancement to the next grade, employment, and personnel changes. Looking back on my life so far, there have been many times when I have been confused about decisions and choices, but I think I have made quick decisions and made choices in life as my intuition and feelings took me.

At the end of below poem, the traveler says with great emotion that choosing this path has changed everything. I wonder if it would be regret, or joy and satisfaction that he was able to live differently from others…It depends on the reader’s point of view. Personally, I think the expression “make all the difference” does not have a negative meaning. It would be a mixture of happiness and gratitude that I was able to meet you and become the person I am today because I made that choice.

I’m sure everyone should have thought that If only I had chosen a different path…  If I had made even one different choice in the past, I wouldn’t be here with you now, and I feel deeply moved. Life is a strange thing, isn’t it?